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You may well be enjoying the sensation of shooting a bow and watching the arrows fly. Now let's stop all that undoubted enjoyment and give yourself a challenge

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First off have a go at shooting for a 252 badge at the shorter distances. Get yourself a Handicap and work towards the Classification Badges that are available for Outdoor and Indoor archery. The ArcheryGB Handicap Improvement Medal is awarded to an experienced archer who has the largest handicap improvement over the calendar year. The Presidents Medal has similar criteria but is for the improvement over the Winter Season.

There's a very nice badge to be won by hitting a 6 or 3 gold end. But it takes some doing.

There are more badges available for achieving scores shooting the most popular indoor round, the Portsmouth round. Or brave the winter weather and shoot at Jubilee Park for a Frostbite Badge

Juniors have even more to go for with Progress Awards .

Jollys have a full calendar of trophy shoots through the summer where the challenge is to be the best on the day in your category. Medals and trophies can also be won for handicap adjusted scores where everyone has a chance to win.

Once you have a feel for shooting competitions in the club there are plenty of shoots you can enter to challenge archers from around the county/country/world. Have a look at this "rough" guide to going to your first tournament. It tells you all you need to know and more.

Going to open competitions adds a whole new range of shooting awards you can go for. Details of these can be found in the ArcheryGB Shooting Administrative Procedures 6

Remember HAVE FUN