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Outdoor Shooting.

We are fortunate to have a long term lease on our own enclosed area within Jubilee Park Sports ground which is large enough to hold tournaments for 15 bosses at 100yds

The Jubilee Park, Kings Ripton Road, Huntingdon, PE28 2NR (nearest) shooting ground is available to established members all year round.

Saturday mornings are popular for general club shooting. Some practice, some shoot a round, coaching is usually available, and it is when we normally run our beginners courses.

Sunday we try to shoot as a club with all archers turning up at 10.00am assembly with shooting starting promptly at 10.30am. There are rounds specified in the summer season shoot calendar although other rounds can be shot. Don't feel that you have to shoot a round just turn up with the other archers ready to start at 10.30am and shoot for fun. Occasionally shooting is restricted due to open or club tournaments. 

Mornings, from Monday to Friday, are becoming increasingly popular as there is usually somebody shooting. Wednesday evening is also popular. At all these times some get together to shoot a round, some practice, some shoot for fun and some just come along for a natter! 

Indoor Shooting.

We currently have two venues for indoor shooting between November and March, your membership entitles you to shoot at any of three sessions per week subject to space being available. 

Friday evenings we shoot at OneLeisure, St Peter's Road, Huntingdon, PE29 7DA (November-March) where we have a seven boss 20 yard range. 

Sunday afternoons we shoot at Victory Hall, Parkhall Road, Somersham PE28 3HS (November-March) where we have a three boss 20 yard range.

Rounds and times are specified in the winter season shoot calendar which can be found on the Club Shooting Page. 


Club coaching is available to any member. We try to have a 'Duty Coach' available most Saturday mornings during the outdoor season but coaching can usually also be arranged for a mutually convenient time. 
We have a coaching range where distances are restricted to 60 yards or less (NO compounds are allowed on the coaching range as the overshoot is insufficient for them.)

Please Note: The coaching range is now back in use.

Hopefully when you have investigated our Club these will be useful documents